Kid-friendly is not a four-letter word!

Listen, don't cringe when you hear kid-friendly. I mean, where do kids come from? Adults. So most of these suggestions are very family-oriented. A place that the kids AND adults will enjoy. Some are more kid-centric and some are actually breweries!

But all love families. I think any time you can combine making the kids AND parents happy, you have a winning combination. There were a couple of favorites of mine. The Whiskey Kitchen in Augusta for me really nailed it. Theme nights and drinks that are fun and aimed toward kids. On the opposite spectrum, you have Family Time Dine & Play in Auburn. That is very kid-focused including the food of chicken fingers and pizza. BUT, (and as you can see it's a very big but) with all there is to do at Family Time Dine & Play YOU get that much-needed break!

Are you going to organize your taxes during that break? Probably not, but you might find yourself with a few minutes to catch up on Facebook and just relax.

Which is YOUR go-to family-friendly restaurant? The list doesn't include a lot of chain restaurants, but there are a couple. Those are the ones that had the most recommendations from listeners. So we know that Applebee's is family-friendly, but apparently not as much as Texas Roadhouse. If you are gonna treat the family to a dinner out, which place do you go to? If you didn't know before, maybe these will help you out this weekend!

30+ Kid-Friendly Places to Grab Some Grub in Maine



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