Known for stunning generosity, the owner of the Red Barn in Augusta has another offer to her community; her potential lottery winnings!

Sometimes a simple Facebook post is all you need to stir your imagination. The owner of the Red Barn, Laura, has made national news with her acts of kindness. Feeding veterans, helping families in need and offering free meals to the hungry are just some of the amazing things she's done since opening her restaurant. And now she wants to up the ante, how about splitting her lottery winnings?

As you can see with the Facebook post above, Laura has to WIN the lottery first. But that isn't going to stop her from sharing it with her old friends and potential new ones! Her only request is that you comment on her post at the Red Barn's Facebook page and then share the post. If she really does cash in on the $200 million dollar jackpot, she's going to pass some of that cold hard cash money on to you. Amazing.

Have you ever heard of someone else doing this? Neither have we!

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