Embden, Maine has a problem. Every year, taxpayers are footing the bill to replace street signs for a road with a name that is just begging to have its sign stolen.

According to the Morning Sentinel, Embden residents are tired of paying hundreds of dollars a year to replace the street signs for Katie Crotch Road. Some residents want the name changed so badly, they put it to referendum in 2012, but it didn't pass.

So for now, Katie Crotch Road is spread out on Google Maps crossing the Carrabassett River for all to see.

Google Maps

A look on Google Street View at the intersection of Katie Crotch Road and Route 16 taken in 2011, shows a stop sign that usually has the street sign on it. Sure enough, it's missing

Google Street View

Maybe it's worth a trip to Embden just to say you've driven on Katie Crotch Road. That'll turn some heads at the next party. Good luck finding the street sign though. As a member of the board of selectmen for Embden said, "You would think every dorm room in the state of Maine should have one by now."

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