Someone in South Paris keeps vandalizing the playground in Moore Park, and police and residents are becoming frustrated.

On July 19, the Paris Police Department posted pictures on their Facebook page showing bolts and screws missing from the playground on the Park Street corner of Moore Park. The playground is often used by area children and had to be closed until new bolts could be installed. It was a very frustrating situation at the time, one the became even more frustrating just one week later.

On July 26, Paris Police reported that someone broke into the Moore Park playground at some point Saturday night, breaking the lock on the fence, broke the gate while trying to cut it, and once they managed to get in, tore down the yellow caution tape warning that the playground equipment was closed as well as breaking one of the toys on the playground.

Paris Police Department via Facebook

I have such fond memories of growing up in South Paris and riding my bike along the walking paths in Moore Park through the tall trees. A lot of those trees have been cut down today and the park has been spruced up with landscaping, and the added playground and gazebo. To see it treated like this is just sad.

Paris Police Department via Facebook

Parts have been ordered for the playground equipment, but won't arrive for 6 to 8 weeks, putting a repair out as far as mid-September, when the kids will be back in school and not leaving a lot of time for them to enjoy the playground after the snow flies.

The Paris Police Department would very much like to find the person or persons that keep vandalizing the park. Most of the comments on the post say it's time to set up some cameras. Pretty good idea. They're inexpensive these days and a game camera mounted nearby would do the job pretty nicely. Even just announcing the cameras are there on social media, might be enough to deter the vandals.

If you have any information about who is responsible for these damages to the playground, the Paris Police are asking you to contact them or the Paris Town Office. You can remain anonymous. Let's get to the bottom of this so the kids can have their space back.

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