First things first right off the bat, what Meredith Steele JUST did is a whole new level of amazing. But before hopping into that, what she's been doing for months now needs to be explained.

According to Channel 8 WMTW, basically since around the holidays, to end 2020, Meredith (who has a TikTok following of over 482,000 followers through her @babiesofsteele account) put on multiple Venmo Challenges to raise money from her followers to donate.

Basically, her followers would all donate anywhere between 25-cents to a dollar or more, which is fairly inexpensive for followers but definitely adds up when you have almost a half-million contributors, and went up and down the coast in Maine giving thousand-dollar tips to waitstaff.

*Some videos contain NSFW language*

Even after the holidays, Meredith and her husband have kept the trend going, hitting different restaurants all over Vacationland to surprise their waiter or waitress, which obviously can garner a very emotional response.

As if that wasn't awesome enough, Meredith recently stepped it up huge, inspired by a situation involving a friend's co-worker (in the restaurant industry) who twice in one day received a tip from a party he served of only a church pamphlet. Meredith explains the situation in this video.

In ONE DAY'S TIME, Mainers stepped up HUGE to help this man out. So much so to the point that the following night, Meredith posted a video about needing to cap the Venmo challenge for this particular instance because of the overwhelming response of donations, which she went on to say was a lifechanging amount of money for this man with some actually left over.

With the money left over, a bunch of Maine kiddos in the LGBTQ+ community will also benefit, as Meredith explains in another video.

And as shown below, along with the lifechanging amount of money for that waiter, Meredith's followers all teamed up to cause an extra $10,000+ to be donated to EqualityMaine.

AMAZING. Just goes to show that not only is there still a lot of good in the world (especially here in our geographic area), but A LOT of good can be done when we all band together. We need more people in the world like Meredith and her followers.

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