If you've spent any time in Portland over the past several weeks, you know that tourism is back. The streets are filled with people, shops are bustling, and the restaurants have seen customers return in full force. Rarely do you see any restaurant in Portland close during the booming summer months but "when it's time, it's time" and it's time for the popular takeout destination Figgy's to close permanently.

Shared on Facebook by Figgy's Takeout and Catering, the announcement was made that Figgy would be moving on to the next big adventure and closing up what had become one of Portland's secretly delicious holes-in-the-wall. The takeout stand will continue to operate for the next couple weeks before officially closing down for good.

If you've never been to Figgy's, you've missed out. Their specially is their signature cast iron fried chicken. Portland has become a place where it can be quite difficult to find a great piece of fried chicken and Figgy's filled a void. Another signature item is their buttermilk biscuits. The biscuits are so good, they turned them into sandwiches. Figgy's also has daily specials and new menu items that pop up that continuously brought people back.

As it goes in Portland, when one fried chicken place closes, another one opens. While Figgy's will be a loss, a new restaurant called Crispy Gai has opened at 90 Exchange Street to rave reviews. Their speciality is fried chicken and wings with a Thai influence.

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