As cell phone companies continue to battle over 5G wireless networks and access to them for consumers, a local company in Maine is pushing forward with plans to unveil one to their customers early in 2018. According to the Cord Cutting Report, Redzone Wireless will roll out Maine's first 5G network with plans to become a major player as a service provider in the state.

So what will 5G really do? In theory, it will allow Redzone Wireless to offer high speed internet service that would rival Spectrum's offerings without any need for fiber optic cables. Redzone plans to offer the 5G network in Portland to start, with plans to expand further across Maine if it's successful.

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If Redzone Wireless follows through on their promise, Spectrum may truly be in for a fight. Redzone Wireless not only claims that their 5G network will as fast or faster than Spectrum's offerings, but that the company's pricing model will be "disruptive" to the market. If their network lives up to the billing, more Maine consumers may choose to cut their cable cord as well, and opt for streaming cable subscriptions like Sling TV and Playstation Vue.

Ultimately, a battle between two companies vying for loyalty will only benefit consumers in Maine. Stay tuned in early 2018, things could get interesting.


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