Justin Blais posted the photo above on the U local New Hampshire Facebook page and the internet can't get enough of this big daddy. (referring to the lobster, not Justin, just so we're all on the same page) According to the comment thread Justin lives in Portsmouth, docks his boat in Gloucester, MA, and fishes in Maine. It is not clear which waters this beast was caught in but it happened somewhere in Northern New England.

Commenters were very passionate that an animal of this size should be released back into the ocean. Sure enough, Justin let people know that the creature was too big to keep for his permit. The crustacean was returned from whence he/she came. Is it true the larger the lobster, the tougher the meat? And if he did keep this lobster, how many lobster rolls do you think he could have made? (this is like a delicious math problem) My guess is 12.

The funniest interaction in the comment thread went something like this:

Laurel: That lobster is probably old enough to be your parent. CONGRATS!

Justin: OUCH! More like grandparent age. We were guessing the lobster was around 80. How old do you think I am?

Laurel: SO SORRY! I didn't misjudge your age, I misjudged the lobster's age. Still friends?

Justin: For sure!

LOL Facebook is (sometimes) a funny place.

Have you ever seen a lobster this big in real life?

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