An 86-acre private island In Casco Bay has sold for $7 million to a popular motivational speaker from California.

According to Maine Biz, the property was listed for just 48 days before it was bought by motivational speaker Ed Mylett. He got a deal at $7 million with the listed price was $10.5 million. Here's a quick video of one of Mylett's motivational speeches, "You Are Destined For Greatness."

The island is named "Hope Island" and the home and property look like something out of a movie like Batman's Wayne Manor. There are a couple of guesthouses on the island, a beautiful interior with a grand staircase at the entryway, a boat dock and barn for horses.

The pictures below are from when the listing before the home was sold, so you can get a good look at what $7M could have bought you if you had the cash and a boat to get back and forth, which by the way takes 20 minutes to travel between Portland and the island. No such thing as a quick trip to Hannaford out here. Not to mention you need a car waiting for you at the docks in Portland, so that's not convenient at all. Who would want to live out there?

Okay, who am I kidding? If I had that kind of money I'd hire people to do my errands and never leave the house!

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This $10.5 million compound on Hope Island in Casco Bay is the stuff that dreams are made of. With expansive grounds, a couple of guest houses, a horse barn, and a dock that connects to deep water frontage, what more would one desire?

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