After an overload of interest cause a Craigslist ad to be pulled, the "fastest car in Maine" is back on the internet and still up for grabs...thanks to Facebook!

Off the heels of a scorching story in which an 18-year old was caught speeding on the highway at 146 mph, we thought it would be hilarious to dub the, now well-known Dodge Neon, as the "fastest car in Maine". Of course, we didn't use the quotations when we did it, sparking a series of absolutely ridiculous comments.

That being said, the interest in the car being for sale was real. However, because the Craigslist ad included a phone number, the increased attention likely caused the seller to rethink their approach.

Welcome in their latest attempt to unload the speed demon, this time the seller is using a private Facebook group called Central Maine Online Yard Sale. You have to be a member in order to see the items for sale, but thanks to Reddit user DieCommieScum, we were able to get a nice snapshot into all the perks of this infamous automobile.

As you take a closer look at the ad, it becomes quite clear that they enjoyed us dubbing it as "the fastest car in Maine" because now it's a selling point, along with all the intense modifications that somehow allowed a Dodge Neon to accelerate to 146 mph. Either way, we're just happy to report that fame hasn't gone to the seller's head, as the car is still listed at the same price as the former Craigslist ad.

So what do you say...still in the market for something fast?

Reddit via DieCommieScum
Reddit via DieCommieScum

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