In the midst of the recent snow storms, you may have seen some people commuting to work or adventuring around with fat tire bikes. These special bicycles have extra large tires that can climb on top of the snow when normal bike tires would spin out and sink through.

On February 2nd, fate tire bikers have the opportunity to show off their skills in the Bethel Snowmaggedon bike race.

You can see what the race looks like from last year's video of the event below. The contrast of bundled up volunteers and spectators alongside spandex-clad fat tire cyclists is striking - along with the struggle at the start to gain traction on the powder and get going.

As part of the Maine Winter Fat Bike Series, Mahoosuc Pathways is partnering with Barker Mountain Bikes and The Bethel Inn Resort to provide a stellar lodging experience for their racers.

If you want to get your fat tire bike on this winter, don't forget to register by February 1st!

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