Rage Against the Machine's Zack de la Rocha injured himself earlier this summer during a performance, and has been performing from a chair ever since as a result. This apparently wasn't just an ankle sprain or something of the likes though, the singer reportedly tore his Achilles tendon.

De la Rocha sustained the injury during the second night of Rage's highly-anticipated reunion tour with Run the Jewels. Though he's still been putting on a powerful performance from a seat, the band had to cancel their European tour last week, as they were advised that traveling overseas would risk the singer's ability to make a complete recovery.

Rage played a five-night stint in New York City last week at the legendary Madison Square Garden, and over the weekend, photographer Glen E. Friedman, who's also apparently a close friend o the band, posted about his experience photographing the show on his Instagram. He wrote a lengthy caption detailing the night, and revealed the injury de la Rocha has been suffering from to be a torn Achilles tendon.

“Before I review for you the story of the first image, I want you to know that i am posting this today because I went to see my good friend Zack (with his torn Achilles) perform last night at Madison Square Garden, one of the most hallowed venues in the modern world," Friedan wrote.

"RATM sold out five nights. Even having to sit during the performance Zack De La Rocha showed the world what they had been missing in all the years he had been away from this incredible group of musicians. Zack ‘brought it’ like few other ever have or ever could. Integrity, and heart, the touchstones of the most important and greatest."

According to Blabbermouth, Friedman's post initially described the vocalist's injury as a torn ACL, but it has since been edited to say that it's his Achilles instead. See it below.

A torn Achilles, formally known as a "Achilles tendon rupture," [via Mayo Clinic] is a rather brutal injury that affects the back of the leg, making it extremely difficult to walk. A popping sound is often heard when the tendon snaps, and surgery is sometimes required to treat it. We wish de la Rocha the best as he recovers.

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