Summer doesn't quite feel like summer yet in Maine until the list of the Thompson's Point concert lineup goes out.

As the weather gets warmer, State Theatre couldn't have picked a better time to drop their 2023 summer season lineup happening at Thomspon's Point.

How pumped are you to get out this summer and enjoy some live music? I know I am.

Check out the Instagram post that shows what's coming up this summer:

And this was on the heels of two shows being announced already (one being CAAMP) :

and the other being The Brothers Osborne :

We may be about halfway through summer already, but there's still a bunch of shows to check out right through September.

Honestly, is there really anything better than buying a super overpriced beer from a food truck on the Point and sitting on the grass watching live music? The answer is no. There is no better way to spend my money in the summertime.

If you need an easy way to see what concerts there are on their website, click here.

If you wanna be super old school, which I'd appreciate about you, you can also visit the State Theatre box office on any Friday & Saturday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. OR if you're feeling frisky you can pick up tickets the night of the show.

Now I just have to decide which concerts I want to go to and what I'm going to wear. Who's with me?

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