In 1969, Jordan Marsh was the first store opened at the site of what would be the Maine Mall, and there's an amazing picture at the Portland Press Herald that shows the early construction paired with a 2015 photo of the same spot.

A lot has changed since those early days, and a lot has changed over the years as new stores have been built, renovations have taken place, and once big name stores have gone defunct.

The Maine Mall has a little over 100 stores (including restaurants) as of this post, according to, and it even recently opened up a brand new Round 1 Bowling and Amusement.

But let's take a trip down memory lane and recall six stores that used to exist at the Maine Mall in South Portland.

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    Jordan Marsh

    This was the first store of the Maine Mall that opened in 1969, according to the Portland Press Herald. It had gone through a few ownership changes over the years, and in 1996, The New York Times stated that after 145 years, Jordan Marsh would be taking on the Macy's name.

    There's a really neat photo taken in the '80s of Jordan Marsh at the South Portland Historical Society website. You can also see an artist's rendering of the store for another dated look at the place, also at the South Portland Historical Society website.

    Here's the Macy's from 2018, where the Jordan Marsh used to be:

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    Porteous was originally located on Congress Street in Portland, and it was the flagship store. You can check out a 1938 picture of the place from the Portland Press Herald.

    When the Maine Mall began to expand in the '80s, a Porteous was opened at the Maine Mall. The Congress Street spot soon closed not long after, according to

    Porteous closed in the '90s at the Maine Mall, and it was torn down in 1996 to make way for Filene's and Sports Authority. Both of those stores also no longer exist, and Round 1 Bowling and Amusement is in that same spot now.

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    Filene's opened in 1983 along with Porteous as part of the expansion at the Maine Mall, according to news.maine.keepmecurrent.

    After the Porteous was torn down, a Filene's Home Store and Sports Authority filled the gap there.

    Filene's would later close in 2006, according to the Portland Press Herald, and make way for Bon Ton in 2013.

    There's a bit of a blurry photo from South Portland Historical Society, but you can see Filene's and J.C. Penny being built in 1983.

    Here's the Forever 21 and Round 1 as of 2018, where Filene's and Sports Authority used to be:

    Townsquare Media
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    Sports Authority

    Sports Authority went in the Maine Mall in 1996, above the Filene's after Porteous' time ended.

    You could access the store by using the escalators inside the mall, as you can see by the photo:

    The sports store closed in 2016, according to WMTW, after it filed for bankruptcy.

    Round 1 would eventually move into the spot.

    Here's the Round 1 in 2018, where Sports Authority used to be:

    Townsquare Media
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    The current spot of Best Buy was once occupied by Lechmere.

    You can check out a wintry photo of the store here.

    Electronics to appliances to even footwear were available at Lechmere.

    The store closed in 1997, according to, and a Best Buy opened in 1998.

    Here's the Best Buy in 2018, where Lechmere used to be:

    Townsquare Media
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    KB Toys

    KB Toys was a staple toy store nestled inside the Maine Mall.

    It literally was a kid's dream come true, and who doesn't remember browsing the shelves for all the best toys?

    Here's a pic from an Illinois store, but like most of these stores, the Maine Mall one looked somewhat similar:

    Unfortunately, the company went Bankrupt in 2009, according to Business Insider, and the closure of the store soon followed.

    There have been recent talks about KB Toys making a comeback, according to Business Insider, so who knows? Maybe a piece of the past will be back once again.