Gronk is really good at two things: football and partying. And now that it's the off-season and he might be hanging up the helmet for good, he can really put all of his energy into the latter. I wonder what shenanigans he will be getting into this year for St. Patty's Day.

I remember a few years ago he threw on a fake red beard and a big green hat and decided to crash a stranger's bachelor party in Nashville, because he's Gronk. Does he really need a reason?

Troy Weinberg via Twitter
Troy Weinberg via Twitter

The funniest part was that it wasn't just any old average Joe's bachelor party. It was John Breech, who happens to be a writer for CBS Sports and the son of the long-time kicker, Jim Breech. According to USA Today, even though John was on his bachelor party, he still tried to get the inside scoop of what Gronk was going to do in his career. (sports news never sleeps!) Gronk played it coy when he learned that John was media, and said something outlandish like maybe he was going to play for the 69ers. I think that comment was made after one too many car bombs.

I know dudes from far and wide are green with envy and thinking, "Would Gronk ever crash my bachelor party?" I am going to answer that question on behalf of Gronk...probably not. But you never know!

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