Everyone remembers October's brutal windstorm, I hope. Power was out across the whole state for a week, and much longer in some places. Food spoiled, roads were unusable due to downed trees, and heating was not an option for some when heading out of a warm winter into a chilly fall. WCYY was off the air for a few days, too.

Well, Central Maine Power finally has an estimate on how much repairs and recovery from the storm will cost... and it's staggering. Check out WCSH6's video below:

Yup, that's right. $69 Million.

Apparently that storm caused the greatest number of power outages in CMP's history. We're not surprised, though - Maine looked like a war zone after that storm. We can all be thankful that that's over and done with now, though, and we've got enough power and heat to survive the rest of this brutally cold winter.

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