The Windham Police Department is investigating a report of a man wearing a baby mask carrying a hatchet trying to break into a home.

According to WMTW, police received a call that the man had tried to break into a home on Webb Road in Windham while wearing the mask, but was scared off by the family dog.

The mask was described in detail as "a Halloween mask of a baby with bright blue eyes and over sized buckteeth."

That is the spot on description of the baby mask the killer used in 2017's Happy Death Day.

No other reports of a man wearing a baby mask with a hatchet have come in to the Windham Police Department. They have been searching the woods near the home along with Maine Game Wardens, but so far no word on anything they have found.

I'm no detective, but it seems to me this might all be a hoax. Maybe some kids who are fans of the movie playing a prank on a friend? Who knows? If so, whoever thought this was funny is in for a big surprise if they get caught.

If police discover anything about this, we'll be sure to let you know.

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