While some bands are planning for big summers on the road, Rise Against aren't one of them. The band has put in a wealth of time over the last two years supporting their 2017 Wolves album and the acoustic offering The Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol. 1, but the band is primarily focused on rest, relaxation ... and writing.

Speaking with Kerrang! about the band's current plans, singer Tim McIlrath revealed, “Yes, we are writing. We’re getting together and playing ideas, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. The one thing that we have decided is that we don’t want to feel rushed. We’ll put out the record when it’s done, not to try and meet some deadline.”

Rise Against have been on a pretty steady three-year cycle between records, dating back to 2008's Appeal to Reason (followed by 2011's Endgame, 2014's The Black Market and 2017's Wolves), but McIlrath's comments offer the possibility of keeping that streak alive, while also allowing them plenty of time to enjoy life off the road should they want an extended break.

While the tour schedule is mostly blank, you can catch Rise Against playing support for the legendary Misfits on June 29 in Los Angeles.

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