The Orwells are causing some buzz with their guitar heavy/stoner rock music. They certainly won the crowd over Friday night at The State Theatre. A lot of times, the room doesn't fill up until shortly before the headliner takes the stage. It wasn't the case on Friday, The Orwells played to a loud, enthusiastic crowd.

They caught our attention after their performance a few weeks back on Letterman (the performance will rerun tonight.)  It's definitely worth checking out. The viewers, and more importantly the band, had no idea what was going to happen that night. I got a chance to chat with the boys before the show to discuss what was going on in their heads. Who would've known that 66 year old David Letterman would be so intrigued with this noisy group of kids from Illinois. Click here to watch the performance or crank it up on the surround sound tonight when it reruns.

Listen to the interview to hear:

  • Their reaction to being put on the spot by an excited David Letterman
  • Who bassist Grant is surprisingly a fan of, and singer Anthony is an anti-fan of
  • Who they stole their band name from
  • Their plans for 2014