Spring is finally here, and summer is coming up fast! But there's more good news with the seasons changing, not only will we forget about snow for a bit and soak in the sunshine, but no, we will be able to go to some of our favorite ice cream places for dessert yet again (or just to cool down during the hot days).

Dairy Queen opened back up in earlier in March, but come April, The Dairy Corner in Scarborough, Maine, is getting ready to serve you your favorite tasty treat.

I am not going to lie to you, I cannot wait for The Dairy Corner to open back up. I always drove past it and it had the longest line (so heads up if you have not been before, you may be waiting in line for a bit), so of course I had to stop one time and see what all the commotion was about. I will admit, it was worth the wait in line.

Whether you want a Nor'Easter, a slice of their ice cream pizza, a shake, a dipped cone, or a scoop of your favorite flavor (and trust me when I say, they have a lot of tasty flavors, not just your "typical" ice cream flavors), The Dairy Corner will help curve your sweet tooth.

After what feels like forever, but really since mid-October, The Dairy Corner is ready to open their window on Friday, April 14th.

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