Let's take a little virtual cruise together. Grab your camera, take my hand, and let's journey to one of Maine's beautiful wonders. Ready?

Before we get to the "must-drive" road in Maine, let's take a peak at a few top contenders: The Schoodic National Scenic Byway.

You guys, this drive is remarkable, and you'll witness the natural landscape of the Schoodic Peninsula in Downeast. It's the only part of Acadia found on the mainland, and is a jaw-dropper of a leisurely drive.

Another top contender is the Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway. This is a personal favorite of mine, because I vacation in Rangeley and hike all the peaks! This road follows State Route 17 and SR 4 in the western part of the state. The best part is this lake takes you to so many incredible lakes in the region.

Cadillac Mountain/ Desiree Cole via Unsplash
Cadillac Mountain/ Desiree Cole via Unsplash

The above byways have majestic scenery. However, those roads weren't chosen by The FW as the best drive in Maine.

According to the FW, I have what has been dubbed as a "must-drive" road in Maine.

Let me introduce you to Acadia's All-American 40-Mile Road. Prepare to be astonished.

While Maine is full of beautiful, scenic spots and fun Sunday drives, Acadia gives you all of it. Maine really is just like a living postcard.

This 40-mile-long road gives you everything you'd need to enjoy Maine's awesomeness. It winds though stunning forest and coastal vistas. You will see the Atlantic Ocean and rugged coastline.

I have traveled this road myself, and my favorite part is when you're driving through the overgrown trees and it feels like nature is giving you a hug. It's a canopy overhead with the sun peaking through, and it's breathtaking.

While you make your way on the road, you'll be able to visit fishing towns like Bar Harbor right in the heart of Down East Maine. It's perfect for boating, taking in the sights, and putting your tourist hat on for a bit to take in the local vibe. Stop for a bite of lobster and beer to enjoy while practicing your Maine accent, bub.

The famous Jordan Pond will greet you, and you can take a minute to soak that in.

In addition to the scenic views, you'll also encounter Cadillac Mountain. This is the tallest peak on the East Coast. I have hiked this mountain, and let me tell you that the panoramic views are heavenly.

No matter if you get out of your car on this 40-mile scenic road or not, you will be impressed with the beauty of Maine on this "must-drive".

It really gives you that All-American Maine experience, so take it!

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