There have been a number of problems that have surfaced since the legalization of Marijuana in Maine - namely, issues concerning how exactly to regulate use and sale of the product. Opinions tend to vary wildly on this topic, but one thing is for sure - social clubs based around the herb are not yet legal. That's why the town of Sullivan in Hancock county is concerned about a potential pot social club that may have opened there recently.

According to a new report by WCSH-6, this secret club called "The Hippie Hideaway" could be in some serious trouble, should it actually exist. Concerns in the area have begun to spread after a Facebook page for the establishment recently popped up. Check out WCSH's video below:

In the report, Channel 6's Tennyson Coleman went to the address listed on the FB page, only to find a local spa business, Taunton Bay Tea and Soap Company. "No one smokes Marijuana here" says owner Norman Bradford. So that begs the question - if this place is real, where is it really? Authorities suspect it may be disguised as a residential home in the area, to help avoid suspicion.

It's no surprise that pot-related social clubs are popping up here, despite the law saying otherwise. However, we have to ask - why make a Facebook page for an illegal operation? That's like the mob making a Facebook event called "The 3rd Annual Kennebec River Body Dump," and inviting all of their friends to it. Then again, given the focus of the club, they miiiiight not have been thinking clearly.

Now, speculations aside, this club does have one thing nailed: the name. I'd imagine that future clubs would be hard pressed to come up with something better than The Hippie Hideaway. Long Bong Silver's, maybe?

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