Finally, a world where "5 more minutes" is actually a valid request!

As reported by the Portland Press Herald yesterday, the Maine Legislature is currently reviewing a bill that would prohibit Maine's public high school from starting before 8:30am. The bill was brought to the house by Brunswick Representative Matthea Daughtry after new scientific studies began to show that, due to brain development, teenagers have vastly different sleeping patters to the average adult. High Schoolers around the state agreed with the research findings with a resounding "Duh."

The possibility of a later start worries some lawmakers, however. Dick Durost, executive director of the Maine Principal's association, worries that the later start would affect everything from bus routes to after school activities to school budgets as a whole. He also argues that, while he doesn't dispute the research findings, that the change wouldn't affect much, as it would still be in the hands of the students and their parents to get to bed at a responsible hour. At least by taking time out of his busy day to comment, he left the Breakfast Club have it easy for once.

Opinions are divided among representatives and high school employees alike, so things could really go either way at this point. Would you appreciate a later start time for Maine High Schools? Let us know in the comments!

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