Just let that image sink in. Now, think about swinging the driver...arcing a bunker shot...holing out on your first day of play after this damn winter.  Then the 19th hole.And the putter is buying a round.

Everlovin' Springtime! Golf on the hoof--skipping the cart: unless it's part of your second or third bachelor party weekend, and yer buddy Sean is driving this time, too--getting out of breath hauling your clubs and it feels great!

Trying out those new golf balls you got at a show, or, better, brought back from a winter escape.  Some things are just plain awesome.  As a cultural thing, the game of golf is deep in the ravine of Portland, and its backyard: the rest of the State! There's 150 courses in Maine, which makes about 9 courses per county, on average.  (Aroostook has 10 courses, five of which are country clubs!!)

There aren't any club manufacturers in Maine, of scale, but, every other guy is a golf club renovator; and, there's whole families sent to college on funds from golf balls found in the puckerbrush. We learn to swing away in what other states call "rough"...AKA, The Forest. And, learning to duck in the game of golf is a true skill.

I'll bet three-quarters of the club-head replacements in Portland are done in the back end of someone's pickup.  And, how many other places do parents take their kids, in strollers, to the driving range, so everybody gets some air.  Well, OK, maybe in Florida, but the Dad is probably from Portland.  Start-up idea: a combination rolling pull cart and diaper bag...with safety seat attachment.

So, let's all wipe down our clubs between now and opening day...there's a whole new golf season waiting, right after the pothole cavalcade we're enjoying--which gives new meaning to bump and run.

Count down the days, and get out there, will ya?!





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