Do you miss the adrenaline rush from skiing down the slopes? I’m a new skier and I already miss the trips up to the mountain, the scenic ride on the chairlift, and the feeling in my belly soaring down the trails.

I am a huge trier of new things, especially when it comes to outdoor activities. I’ve picked up hiking, am an avid kayaker, recently did my first triathlon, and will try most things at least once. I’ve been itching for a new activity and I think I just found it: Mountain biking.

Mt. Abram Bike Park

As a new skier, Mt Abram was a safe space to learn how to ski and feel comfortable doing it in a non-pretentious environment. The smaller of our ski mountains, it provided a great atmosphere with fantastic trails to rip down the mountain and feel comfortable doing so.

The Greenwood, Maine mountain offers the same comfort and thrill during the summertime with their new bike park. The lift-accessible downhill mountain bike park was specifically designed with beginners and families in mind for those who have never tried it before but are looking for a fun activity outdoors.

The family-focused environment is laid-back just like their ski slopes while still having epic trail features like banked turns, whoop sessions, long sweeping turns, and incredible views, as explained on their website.


They have trails for all ability levels and experience and are expanding to add even more. So, whether you're like me and are trying it for the first time or you've been mountain biking since you could walk, there are epic trails for you to rip and enjoy at your comfort level.

The park is open four days a week and has live music on the weekends in their beer garden. It really is the best of all worlds; an adrenaline-rushing activity that’s a blast, good food and drinks, and live music to relax to.

It’s pretty much the summer version of skiing and I am DYING to try it out.

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