Who knew that the man who created what you probably saw this article on would get such a negative reaction for visiting Maine?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife visited Maine this past weekend, including a well publicized visit to Millinocket. Some people thought it was great to have the man worth $58 billion for creating something that changed the world here in Maine visiting. Others though, didn't like it at all as some of these comments on our Facebook page show. The very platform he created.

What's the deal with Hawaii? Well apparently Mark Zuckerberg bought land in Hawaii that, by law, other land owners had rights to cross to get to their land and he filed a lawsuit to force them to sell their land. He quickly ended up dropping the lawsuit.

The Portland Press Herald had plenty of negative comments about Zuck on their Facebook page as well, most in the usual "Who care?" response.

On Maine Memes Facebook page, well....see for yourself.

But we saved the best negative comment of all for last...