There are some absolutely horrible human beings out there, and this act of vandalism proves it.

Two "Welcome to Baldwin" signs at Station Hill and Route 113 at the Hiram line were found lying on the ground. The Baldwin Town Office shared a photo on Facebook of the damage.

At first you would assume that the signs were hit by car and knocked down, but if you look closely you can see that someone took a saw to them.

Why would anyone do this? Does someone have a grudge against the town of Baldwin? The Cumberland County Sherriff's office is investigating the vandalism and they need your help if you. If you have any information, please contact them of the Baldwin Town Office.

The good news out all this is we're confident residents of Baldwin will come together to build new signs. That's what Mainers do. They don't let despicable acts like this deter them and they lend a hand to help when it's needed.


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