Been to Spun yet down in Dover? Love music collecting like me? Read on then...  


photo: kraig bye

Mark Matarozzo is good people. He's music people! He opened up his store SPUN on Record Store Day 2011. Imagine that!? Opening a record store in this day and age, in New Hampshire too! People will always want physical copies of music and SPUN is proof of that fact. A couple years ago Mark moved a few doors down to a bigger place cause things were going good and he needed the space. You gotta love hearing that! He carries tons of used wax, but he manages to get in plenty new stuff on vinyl and some CD. On Record Store Day he always brings in some great pieces too!

I've been visiting Mark since he opened SPUN and I've found great stuff there. Punk, metal, rock, comedy, great local hidden gems, nice inexpensive vinyl and some classic finds to if you have higher tastes.

If you're in the area stop by and visit Mark. And hey local musicians... if you're playing down there at the Brickhouse, SPUN is like 2 blocks over. Stop by meet Mark and talk to him about stocking your music. That's how it works! You build buzz, people want music, people buy music, you get to make more music. Everyone's a winner! Plus theres a college nearby. College peeps love buying music!