The celebrity sightings in Maine don't appear to be slowing down despite summer fading away quickly. Last week, parts of Maine hosted celebrities like Michael Cera and Chelsea Handler. This week, superstar chef Gordon Ramsay was spending some time in the Pine Tree State and a catering company based out of Trenton was tasked with feeding him.

Shared on Facebook by Big Cat's Catering and Bartending, there he is in the flesh, world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, who's a multi-Michelin starred chef, owner of a slew of successful restaurants and of course, a very famous reality show superstar. Big Cat's was called upon to cook for Ramsay and as the owner himself stated in his Facebook post, he was nervous. Who wouldn't be if you seen a single episode of Hell's Kitchen?

So what was Ramsay doing here in Maine? Well, that's a good question. It's possible Ramsay was just vacationing, but generally people don't do that with a production team. It's more likely that Ramsay may have been filming an episode of his latest show, Uncharted, where he visits remote locations searching for culinary inspiration and epic adventures. Maine is plentiful in both of those.

Big Cat's mentioned that they were proud to cook for the superstar chef, which likely means Ramsay didn't refer to anyone as an "idiot sandwich" during his meal. We can't say for sure that there was no cussing however.

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