With all of the reunions that have been announced lately and the end of a decade-long wait for new albums from certain bands, System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan is hopeful that his group can put together their differences and maybe work toward that new album they've been talking about for so long.

Dolmayan shared an image on Instagram (seen below), which featured the logos for four bands: Tool, who finally released their first new album in 13 years, Rage Against the Machine, who announced their reunion earlier this fall, Red Hot Chili Peppers, who just welcomed back guitarist John Frusciante and System of a Down, who have long discussed a new record, but have failed to make it happen.

"Three of these bands can get out of their own way and work together for a common goal, maybe the fourth can as well," the drummer wrote, seemingly issuing a challenge to his bandmates.

"Perhaps it’s time to put all the bullshit aside, check the massive egos at the door, and do together what none of us can do alone. Maybe, just maybe a Christmas miracle will happen. Maybe it can be a System Of A Down," he continued, expressing hope that System can perhaps get an album out for the first time since issuing Hypnotize and Mezmerize in 2005.

Singer Serj Tankian "liked" the post and commented, "I don't have that System sticker. I like it upside down," adding a happy face at the end.

Dolmayan has been one of System of a Down's more outspoken members when it comes to some of the inner turmoil within the group. He recently said he was "not proud" of a couple of their performances as of late, chalking it up to a lack of practice and not having the road crew they'd like to work with.

With more shows on the books in 2020, hopefully those will prove to be one's the drummer can be proud of.

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