Wild Animal Ban In Portland?
Earlier this year, Barnum and Bailey, perhaps the most famous traveling circus in the world, pulled the plug on their more-than-century-old venture. Times have become tough for traveling carnivals and if one city councilor from Portland gets their way, the largest city in Maine will only add to thei…
Goodbye Nips?
By now, you've probably heard that a bill is moving towards being law in Maine that would place a deposit on mini-liquor bottles, commonly referred to as nips, similar to those on mid-sized and large-sized liquor bottles. But if that bill is passed, Governor Paui LePage has promised "t…
Noticed This On Maine Roads?
In a world of advertising in our faces 24/7, perhaps we take for granted how serene Maine truly is. Across the country, from coast to coast, people are inundated with something that Maine outlaws, billboards.
Those who have traveled down I-95 to take in a Red Sox game at Fenway Park have undoubtedly …
Russian Alcohol Ban?
In direct response to Russia's interference in the Presidential election, New Hampshire is looking to some action behind their state motto, "Live Free or Die".