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'South Park' Teases Season 21 With Bonkers New Trailer
By now, you know the drill. South Park doesn’t really rev up until the week or so before each premiere, but that doesn’t mean Season 21 arrives empty-handed. Check out an artful new teaser for the September premiere, as the town and its NSFW inhabitants cover “This Is How We Do …
'South Park' Sets Eight-Day Marathon Before Season 21
If ever you lament that South Park occupies a brief window of Comedy Central each year, you’re in for a surprise. Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and the rest will take over the network this year with an eight-day marathon of almost every episode, leading right into the Season 21 premiere.
'Workaholics' Final Season Says Goodbye in First Trailer
It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to seven years at TelAmeriCorp, but if anyone deserved a slow jam tribute on their way out the door, its the boys to men of Workaholics. Get ready to hang up those phones and get weird, as Comedy Central’s seventh and final season puts out its first…

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