A Great Business Sign In Auburn
In Lewiston/Auburn, there are ton of signs that can easily distract you. But in a clogged market for towing and repairs, one Auburn garage has found a very unique way to stand out.
Greeley's Garage decided the best way to grab passerby's attention was to throw a buzzword out on their signs.…
Crazy 1950's Maine Sign
It is impossible to escape the bright orange work zone signs that can be spotted anywhere across the state of Maine. Construction is constant, improvements are always being made, and the signs letting you know when you're entering a work zone have become as common in our mind a stop sign...
Funny Signs In Maine
When you do enough wandering in Maine, you're bound to come across some incredibly ridiculous signs. Here's a few that people have come across.
Ridiculous Maine Sign
If you read that sign, and then went back and read it again, you're not alone. You could literally bet your house that this is a second hand joke passed on while sitting at a bar pounding down a few beers. Someone tells it, another person thinks its funny and then it ends up on the front of a s…