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Nintendo Set To Release The SNES Classic For The Holidays
Off the heels of the mega-popular NES Classic Edition that was flying off the shelves last holiday season, Nintendo has apparently decided to head back to their treasure trove once again for another mini-system. According to EuroGamer, Nintendo will release a similar SNES Classic Edition in time for…
Far Harbor Trailer
Bethesda Studios, the company behind the ultra-popular video game Fallout 4, has released a creepy new trailer outlining some of the story, and visuals, players can expect with their expansion pack called "Far Harbor".
Months ago, Bethesda promised that this expansion pack would be …
Fallout 4 Coming To Maine
There's some good news for gamers and Mainers alike, according to Bethesda, the popular video game Fallout 4 will be adding a massive new playable map that will take place entirely in Maine. Bethesda Studios, the company behind Fallout 4, announced a plethora of downloadable content coming in 2…
Joey's Favorite NES Games
Hard to believe, but pioneer of the video game revolution, the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System, turns 30 years old today.