Looking to vacation in Maine or just want a really wicked sweet staycation?

Well, here's a spot in Kennebunkport that goes for a mere $4,642 per night, according to Airbnb.

Located at 260 Ocean Avenue, this estate is right near the Bush Compound and housed on nearly 60 acres of land. So you've got a lot of space to enjoy that summer weather in Maine.

Sure, there's seven bedrooms and baths, but there's also so many awesome other features like a mini theater, a Monopoly pinball machine, an infinity pool, a brand new putting and chipping green and even a fully equipped fitness center.

And if that's not enough, it looks like the place is primed for checking out views of the water. Not bad at all.

Seriously, just looking at this place will make you want to move in to live the high life in Maine all the time.

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