No matter where you live, the Holidays are a magical time.  However, here in New England, these seem even more magic!  A chill in the air, freshly fallen snow on pine trees, kids sledding down a hill...  you get the idea!

One of the most Christmas-y places in the State of Maine has got to be the town of Freeport.  Each day throughout the Holiday season, thousands of people make their way down the beautifully decorated streets as they look for the perfect gift for every person their list  They shop at the local and chain stores that line the streets and eat at the area's great restaurants.

Of course, the heart of this winter wonderland is the LL Bean flagship store.

LL Bean has their own signature attractions during the Holidays.  The attraction, which LL Bean calls Northern Lights, will run from this Friday (November 18th) through December 31st.  Visitors can go ice skating, walk through the Twinkle Tunnel, take a break on a heated bench, or write a letter to Santa.

One of the most memorable activities at Northern Lights is taking a family Christmas photo inside the Big Snow Globe!  Can you think of a better way to remember your family's Holiday visit to LL Bean?

Cooper Fox

The LL Bean website describes the snow globe as:

Step inside with your friends and family to capture an unforgettable holiday memory (don’t forget to share it with #BeanOutsider).

This vide shows more about what the attraction had to offer in 2021.  We can expect that they have similar offerings this year.

If you want more information about Northern Lights and specific events they have coming up, check out the website.

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