You would think that with all the amazing people and tourists that have experienced Maine, there would be a ZILLION songs that would include Maine in their lyrics. After all, Maine is really a state of mind. Kinda like Margaritaville, but with Allen's Coffee Brandy instead of tequila. Here are the 10 greatest songs of all time that mention Maine.

1) King of The Road-Roger Miller

"...destination Bangor, Maine"


2) Nothing But Time-Jackson Browne 

"Rolling down 295 out of Portland, Maine."


3) Portland, Maine-Tim McGraw

"Portland, Maine, I don’t know where that is..."


4) The Reach-Dan Fogelberg

"It's Maine...and it's Autumn..."


5) The King of Maine-SPOSE

"But, I'm feeling like the King of Maine."


6) No Anchovies, Please-J Geils Band

"Meanwhile, back in Portland, Maine..."


7) Ballad of the 20th Maine-Ghost of Paul Revere

"My name is Andrew Tozier, I'm a child of Litchfield, Maine."


8) Long Time Sunshine-Weezer

"Sometimes I wanna pack it all up
Get on a bus and move to Vermont
Or Maine, or any of those states back east."



9) Maine Stein Song-Rudy Vallee

"Drink to Maine, our alma mater...The college of our hearts always."


10) So You Think You Know Maine-Wicked Good Band

"...we all had lots of fun, from Lewiston to, you think you know Maine!."

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