Hey CYY freaks! Today is Dunkin' Donuts' Iced Coffee Day! $1 from every iced coffee purchased is going to help support and fund the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital.

BBCH's Pediatric Emergency Unit, which benefits directly from your coffee sippage today, helps keep children of all walks of life alive and healthy. If anyone watched Jimmy Kimmel's monologue from a few weeks ago concerning children's hospitals, you know just how important the work that they do really is.

So, in celebration of lending a helping hand today, here are three ways to enjoy your Dunkin' Iced Coffee and help the BBCH:

1) Walk around Portland, sip as you go
This one is the obvious first choice. Seeing as the sun is going to pop out later today, it would be a great opportunity to take your lunch break and wander. Get out into the Old Port before the mobs of tourists get here!

2) Take an early beach day
With the lovely weather we've been having, and the days getting longer, it would definitely be worth it to make your way down to OOB and chill out on the sand. I need some TLC from the sun right now - I look like parchment's cousin that never leaves the house.

3) Hang by the (kiddie) pool
If you're pressed for time, or can't make it out of the house today, bring the summer fun to you! Kiddie pools are pretty cheap, so if you don't have one already, go pick one up and fill it with the hose. Careful, though - big dogs LOVE small pools. (That sounds like it should be an old adage... did I just make one up?)

There are three recommendations on how to enjoy your Dunkin' Iced Coffee today! Even if you aren't a coffee drinker, please make a donation to the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital anyway. Their website is here.

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