Fourth of July Weekend in Maine

As a state with coastal views, open fields, and lakes to boat with buddies, Maine provides the perfect geography to sit, relax, and enjoy a fireworks show. Or, since we like to switch things up here, a Fourth of July laser show.

The calendar nears the start of July and tourists and locals flock to the beaches, the lakes, camping sites, and all the summer vibes the state has to offer to celebrate Independence Day (or just a day off of work).

Beers get bought, red snappers get grilled, and yard games get played. Regardless of how or what you’re celebrating, it’s a time to be spent outdoors, especially in Vacationland.

Aurora Lights Visible in Gray, Maine

This most recent Fourth of July granted us a three-day weekend with the holiday landing on a Monday. It was a beautifully clear night, allowing ample visibility for fireworks, laser shows, and sparklers in the backyard.

The clear skies also presented a unique treat we aren't used to seeing here in Maine.

The Northern Lights put on their own colorful light show on Monday night and were visible from Gray. The US National Weather Service in Gray ME posted photos on Facebook showcasing the infamous night lights.

US National Weather Service Gray ME via Facebook

The photo was caught on a cellphone and the lights were visible with the naked eye, creating their own natural light show during the Fourth of July celebrations.

I love fireworks just as much as the next guy but this definitely takes the cake for a night light show in the sky in Maine!

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