Facebook quietly announced Tuesday that they are beta testing a new mobile feature called "sidebar status" that could be available everywhere by the summer.

That "sidebar status" is going to look and feel an awful lot like an away message. This is set to be a mobile only feature, so if you're not using Facebook through your phone or tablet constantly, you might be that your Uncle Frank is cooking burgers and drinking a bud light on the deck! If this feels exactly like a Facebook status update, it isn't. Your "sidebar status" won't get pushed down anybody's newsfeed AND it only stays active for 12 hours.


HOT TAKE: And people mocked me when i kept a notebook filled with all my angsty AOL Instant Messenger away messages! I'm kidding, but man would that make a killing on my Facebook sidebar status. This feels like yet another feature being rolled out by Facebook that ultimately be hot for .2 seconds and then people will forget about it. Remember that video feature that recapped your entire year of pictures? I CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT THAT WAS CALLED NOW! But everyone had it on their newsfeed for a hot second. I've got to go now.


Joey (7:01am) Doing that morning show thanggggg. Leave it!