After announcing back in September that The Holy Donut would be opening a new location in Auburn, that day has come, and they are now open for business.

The Holy Donut made a name for itself back in 2012 when founder Leigh Kellis opened her first location on Park Street in Portland, offering her unique potato donuts. For the record, they taste nothing like potato to me, and that's a good thing, because they are absolutely delicious.

After becoming a huge success in Portland, the Holy Donut branched out opening locations on Exchange Street in Portland and in the former location of Tim Hortons on Route 1 in Scarborough.

Due to reduced foot traffic in the Old Port from the effects of COVID-19, the Exchange Street location had to close.

Now the Holy Donut is back to three stores with their opening of a new location, which like the Scarborough location, is in a former Tim Horton's on the corner of Minot Avenue and Hotel Road in Auburn.

I think The Holy Donut might be on to something snatching up these old Tim Hortons buildings that have been vacant for years.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Originally announced as opening in late 2020 and getting the people of Lewiston/Auburn excited, they missed their mark by less than two weeks. You have to give them a pass on that because 2020 wasn't exactly kind, but they are now ready to go!

What should you expect if you are new to The Holy Donut? I recommend you try the vanilla glaze, the maple, the fresh lemon and two of my favorites: The Allen's Coffee Brandy and the maple bacon. You don't get any more Maine than a potato donut flavored with Allen's Coffee Brandy.

The Auburn Holy Donut is open 6 a.m. to 4.p.m. daily and they have a drive-thru.




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