As things come to a close for 2019, so do the doors for the last two Kmart stores in Maine.

The Augusta and Auburn spots are sadly no more. These two locations were left as the remaining Kmarts in the state after the Waterville one had closed in February.

It's hard to believe that there will be no Kmarts left in Maine heading into 2020.

Back in early 2019, the Kmart locations in Maine looked to be in danger of closing when the company that owns them seemed on the verge of bankruptcy. A last-minute deal saved the company, but not without a major restructuring.

It wasn't until near the end of August that the announcement was made that about 100 stores were slated for their end, including the ones in Augusta and Auburn, according to Yahoo.

Here's a few Facebook posts below from Mainers mentioning the closures, and one photo of the Augusta Kmart even has a closed sign right on the front door.

Interestingly, the two stores are still listed on Kmart's official website as of December 26, but calls to both the numbers listed ring with no pickup.

According to a November 2019 USA Today article, the numerous closures will leave the company that owns Sears and Kmart with only 182 stores remaining.

As for New Hampshire, it was reported by WMUR in November that the Salem and Hooksett locations would close by February 2020. The liquidation sales have already begun.

Once those two stores close, that will leave only 1 Kmart left in New Hampshire: West Lebanon.

No more Kmarts in Maine certainly feels like the end of an era.

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