Early on in the pandemic, a Facebook group was created by Maine's own Joseph Meyers of Brewer called Quarantine Karaoke. The premise was simple, go live or simply upload videos of you singing. Good, bad, who cares? It was a safe space for people to entertain, and be entertained while on lockdown and not knowing what the future would hold.

Since its inception, Quarantine Karaoke has over 700,000 members and has gotten them attention of local and national news outlets, and even one of the biggest singing competitions in history, American Idol.

Because of COVID-19, American Idol has to get creative on how to find constants for next season. Gone are the days of a nationwide tour, stopping at jam packed stadiums, and seeing hoards of auditioners camp out for a chance to go in front of the judges-for now, anyway. As reported by News Center Maine, American Idol reached out to Meyers and his team for help recruiting auditions for the show.

If you want to be the next American Idol you have to be in the Quarantine Karaoke group, which you can join here, and for your video be sure to use the hashtag #QKIdol and be sure to email the link to quarantineidol@gmail.com.

If you want to see the auditions so far just search the hashtag #QKIdol in the Quarantine Karaoke group. At least 5 will win the opportunity for an exclusive Zoom call with American Idol's audition team according to News Center Maine.

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