We have received so many photos of Mainers' pets in our Lucky Pet contest We just had to show you some of the entries. We hope it prompts YOU to submit a picture of your pet. You could win $500 in pet supplies, so why not? Good luck!

Here are just a few of the furry friends you all have sent in.

Pets of Maine

It's not too late for you to enter your pet! Everyone sends a photo or video in qualifies to win.

Does your pet bark? Meow? Flap their fins? Chirp?

Well, between now and March 16, make sure to get us a pic of them for a chance to shower your forever friend with $500 in pet supplies. It could be their lucky day!

If you're on the app already, click here to submit.

Don't hesitate. We want to see all those photos. We know there are some great pets out there.

So remember, submit your photo in the form below or through our app.

Submit a Pet
Photo Now

One photo per submission per household and the pet needs to live inside the home and be cared for by the owner.

Make sure to include with the photo: pet's name, the owner's name, city/town, phone number, email.

Only JPG files are allowed for submission. This is a multi-station contest. One winner will be randomly chosen from all the entries. The contest ends on March 16.

Prize provided by Columbia Records.



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