If you are a Rustic Overtones fan you have to check out this replay of their New Year's Eve show. The concert was broadcast live from the BEAUTIFUL Sanford Performing Arts Center at Sanford High School. Thanks to Rustic Overtones for giving us some kind of a concert on New Year's Eve. It turned out o be one of my favorite live concert streams of the year. Why? well, because ONE-RO is a fantastic CYY band. SECOND-There was no one in the audience. Ok, may seven people...friends of the band. I think I could hear Spose yelling from the back. With only seven people in a large hall like that, many bands would just phone it in. And it was only 7pm. Not prime time for rock and roll. But did that stop this band? NO. Not Dave Gutter. Not Rustic. They WENT for it. They played as if it were midnight at a packed, sweaty venue. This bank kicked 2020's ass right out the door.

Watch it here. Thanks to the always fabulous Brett Williams for hosting another Free For All Concert from Sanford and well done to the Sanford High School crew for shooting the video for this epic night!


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