Not that we need more proof that Portland has abnormally amazing restaurants, the Travel Channel is rumored to have something up their sleeve for local BBQ joints.

Salvage BBQ, with food inspired by southern BBQ from Texas and North Carolina, and The Thirsty Pig, known for their homemade sausages and local Maine brews-- both offering live music, according to an article by the Press Herald.

Last week, the crew from "Food Paradise," a show dedicated to great meals from unique places that are a must on your travels, visited the two local eateries but neither places had info on the show except that it may be "meat-centric," as stated in the article.

The last I could find about "Food Paradise," filming in Maine was 6 years ago, up in Hermon at the trucker famous Dysart's, more towards the Bangor area, reported by Bangor Daily News.

Guessing what they may be highlighting on the episode, TTP's homemade sausages are a pretty safe bet, but I may have to do some extensive research at both places to have a better idea on what they'll be serving come show time.

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