Well hello Orono, you're officially on the map when it comes to party schools in the United States. According to the Huffington Post, the University of Maine-Orono ranks as the 16th best party school in the nation and one of the top schools in New England.

For several years now, the Princeton Review has been compiling lists to prepare students to make decisions on which school they will choose to attend. Some of the lists compiled include academic quality, demographics in terms of students, and the availability of extracurricular activities amongst other things. However, the list that has been generating most of the press recently, has been their list of top party schools.

The rankings themselves are based on a survey given to students on campus, asking various questions about their student life and academic habits. They compile that data to determine key factors like "low personal daily study hours" and "high usages of alcohol" to determine what school's really get after it. Additionally, the popularity of fraternity/sorority houses on campus is a factor.

A simple YouTube search showed evidence that perhaps UMaine really does know how to party. While this video was shot in 2013, one would have to assume that things have exactly slowed down amongst the student body since then.

Is congrats in order? Hey class of 2020, you've got some serious shoes to fill!

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