Every town in Maine has a building that is just an ugly architectural design and an eye sore for the community. This building however has been determined to be the ugliest building in Maine.

Business Insider asked its readers in each state what the ugliest building in their state is. The building with the most responses from Maine was The School of Law building at The University of Southern Maine in Portland. Business Insider erroneously said this building was on the Orono campus of UMaine, but we can understand their confusion.

Google Streetview
Google Streetview

So yeah, we can see it. The building sits on a corner of the intersections of Brighton Avenue, Deering Avenue and Falmouth Street which also happens to be the ugliest intersection in Portland.

It doesn't help the buildings already water tower look by attaching cell antennas to the top of the building. It probably looked futuristic when it was built, but now that we're in the future, it turns out we didn't go that way with architecture just like we still don't have flying cars.

Like most "best of" and or "worst of" Maine surveys, it seems none of them ever go out of Portland. There has to be some uglier architectural designs in Maine. Know of one? Share it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.


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