Perhaps in joking you've heard the phrase, "there's a class for that" and laughed it off. But in Maine, apparently we take that phrase pretty seriously. Because if you made a list of ALL the possible things there could be an adult education class for, how high on that list would bending a spoon with your mind be? It doesn't matter because we've got a class for that.

Shared on Reddit by captainmalamute, there's an adult education course available in Topsham that will allegedly teach quantum spoon bending amongst other techniques that have a chance to alter how you view reality. The class description doesn't promise that you'll learn how to perform miracles, only that you may walk away with the knowledge on how to possibly perform miracles.

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It appears that this quantum spoon bending class is a one shot deal, being offered on Wednesday, October 16th for two hours. There's a standard course fee but also an additional fee for the spoons that will distort and bend with your mind.

So if you're in casual conversation at a crowded bar or a backyard party and you hear "there's probably a class for that", just remember...there IS a class for that. Just have to dig a little to find it.

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