If you grew up in Maine, there are certain treats that instantly take you back to childhood.  Popsicles, Hood ice cream cups, and those blue raspberry slush drinks.

Well, the team at Boston's Downeast Cider has captured the flavor of those blue slushies, but they have made them even better.

How did they do that?  They've made them into a canned "hard" beverage.  Yes, you get that flavor we all loved as kids with a kick!

These were a huge, and hard to find, hit last summer.  Earlier this week, they brought back a special version of these.  They did a limited run of higher proof tall cans.  Instead of being 5%, these bad boys were 8%.  Unfortunately, it looks as though they have, in most places, already sold out.

Jason Swails
Jason Swails

If you got a can, or a few cans, consider yourself lucky.

The good news is that it appears they plan to bring back the regular 5% 12 once cans.  Just keep in mind, when they do brings those regular sized cans back, that (blue) liquid gold may not stay in stock very long. So, if you want to try them, you don't want to wait to buy a case.

In recent years, hard versions of drinks we all enjoyed as kids have really become a big deal.  First, we had the hard coffee that, whether it was intended or not, tasted a lot like Yoohoo.

Since then, we have gotten hard Mountain Dew, hard Sunny Delight, and several other similar drinks.

What is an adult beverage that you feel we all need to try?  Let us know by sending us a message through our radio station app.  Just open the app and tap the chat button in the upper right hand corner.

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